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Disneyland Resort
Young Adults & Families

Disneyland is readying itself for its eventual reopening. One of the social requests for its reopening campaign is a pack of Disneyland IG stickers. When ideating, we pitched IP that the casual Disneyland guest would recognize as well as some for the super fans that love the Parks. I illustrated and worked with a motion graphics artist to bring these stickers to life... all 28 of them.

Sticker Announcement Video

Some of my favorites from the pack:

Motion Graphics: Jorge Aguilar

keith read


Kevin (not preferred)(sorry Kevins)
Good Boy
High School Crush
Boy (my sister’s personal fave)

a quick about me.

I enjoy drawing new people, but not necessarily meeting them.

My greatest weakness is I can’t read lips and yes this comes up more than you’d think. 

Two Flash Opinions
and a Fact:

“Actually” is a backhanded word and you should be careful how you use it.

“Oral” is the most disgusting word and no one can change my mind.

I’m Texas-raised, but currently in LA.

And since you read this far, here’s a link to my resume if you’re into that sort of thing.